Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kids clubs

One of my favourite things on the cruise is the kids clubs. The ones that we could go to are the Oceaneer lab, the Edge, and maybe the Vibe. The other two clubs are the Oceaneer club and It's a small world nursery. I will start from the youngest to the oldest age.

It's a small world nursery is a place for some of the little babies to play and be looked after when parents relax on the decks and have a quiet afternoon.
The next one I want to talk about is the Oceaneer club. The Oceaneer club is a fun exiting place to play. You can play in the Toy Story Andy's room, dance on the magic floor and even play games in the computer submarine! I don't personally play there but it's a lot of fun.

The 3rd one is the Oceaneer lab. Similar to the Oceaneer club but has an art studio, science lab(links to the other club), and movie screens. I go to this club when they do lots of science experiments and cooking like flubber, Ratatouille cooking school, baking soda and vinegar volcano. I have fun there.

The one I'm about to talk about is for all of you, The Edge. This awesome tween hangout is the ultimate spot. With a giant tv screens when you walk in to broadcasting your own show! This is a spot where you can come in, play games, watch movies, make a fun news broadcast and even just look out the window. My personal favourite and spend about half my day there.

The final one is the Vibe. I have only been there twice but with the Edge crew. This is such a cool place for teens. With a smoothie bar to a private deck, this is heaven for teens. They have a big movies screen, a gaming room, three hot tubs and lying down computers.

Blog you real soon!