Saturday, October 25, 2014

disney cruise special features!

The Disney Cruise I'm going on, they have small little features that are so cool. On the port and starboard, they have little fish above the cabin number. The staff on the cruise send you mail like reservations or room service. These are called fish extenders, if you sign up you can hang a bag over it and trade little toys or crafts with other people that have signed up.

When you go down the hall, you can see a compass of the world and spots where the disney cruises sail. The north always points to the bow and south always points to the stern of the ship. It is so cool!
They have a buffet called Cabanas that has little seagulls hidden around it. They also have little areas named after Finding Nemo characters

Blog you real soon!

Kids clubs

I'm was just browsing the internet trying to find cool things to do on the cruise, and I actually found an area on Castaway Cay that is reserved for kids our age! I was so exited and want to spend a little time with my new friends here. Blog you real soon!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Theme Parks

As we get close to our trip we are going a few days earlier and doing 1 day of a theme park and the next day shopping. We are quite positive that we are going to Universal Studios, but there is a slight chance that we may go to Walt Disney world, Legoland or another park.  My favourite spot at Universal would be the Jurassic Park Ride, what is yours?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mickey Mail


Gold members are people who have gone on 6 to 10 disney cruises, silver members are people who have gone on 2 to 5 cruises and platinum members are people who have been on 11 or more cruises. We are trying for platinum!

2 and a half weeks to go!!!

We are so exited for our cruise and getting so much stuff for it like door art, Pirate costumes and making schedules for orlando.